Jinsheng Group participated in the China International Import Expo "Multinational Corporations Select Shandong New Product Launch Conference and Import Signing Ceremony"
2018-11-6 1:12:17 1

On November 5, 2018, the first China International Import Expo opened in Shanghai. On the morning of November 6, "Sincere Shandong, New Products, New Trade, New Vision-Multinational Corporations Select Shandong New Product Launch Conference and Import Signing Ceremony" was grandly held. Shandong Provincial Governor Gong Zheng delivered a keynote speech and business Assistant Minister Li Chenggang, President of the Korea Trade Association, Jin Rongzhu, and heads of multinational enterprises delivered speeches successively. The meeting was chaired by Ren Airong, Vice Governor of Shandong Province, Song Lili, Deputy General Manager of Jinsheng Group, General Manager of Shandong Jinsheng Grain, Oil and Food Company, and General Manager of Jinsheng Import and Export Company Manager Mu Fengxia attended the meeting on behalf of the group.

In recent years, my country's consumption of peanut oil has increased day by day, and the supply of peanut raw materials has been tight. With the help of the first China International Import Expo, Jinsheng Group actively participated and sought cooperation. Through communication and contact with AGD, a large-scale vegetable oil processing company in Argentina, Jinsheng Group successfully signed a USD 30 million import peanut oil project cooperation agreement at the CIIE, laying a good foundation for the company to further expand and strengthen the peanut industry.

Linyi City Party Committee and Mayor Meng Qingbin, Junan County Party Committee Deputy Secretary and County Mayor Xun Hengsai personally led a delegation to participate in the investment promotion, and visited the group’s partner booth with Deputy County Mayor Zhang Zhenqun, County Commerce Bureau, Finance Bureau and other leaders. Together witnessed the signing of the cooperation agreement on Jinsheng Imported Peanut Oil Project.

The CIIE is a national-level expo with the theme of imports, allowing the world to share the fruits of China's development in the "new era", and at the same time promoting the development of the global economy in a more open, inclusive and win-win direction. Jinsheng Group will take the CIIE as an opportunity to continuously expand import varieties and import channels, seize opportunities, keep up with the pace of national strategy, and accelerate the realization of Jinsheng Group's new strategic pattern of "buying all over the world and selling all over the world".

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