Congratulations to Jinsheng Hotel for successfully passing the review of "National Four Diamond Restaurant"!
2018-12-20 21:22:25 1

From November 17th to 18th, 2018, the national diamond hotel review team headed by the food safety expert group expert of the State Food and Drug Administration and the chief food hygiene expert of Qingdao City Jin Xiaomei Catering Service Co., Ltd. (Jinsheng Hotel) conducted a two-day four-diamond hotel site review.

        "Diamond" hotel evaluation is for the catering industry, while "star" hotel evaluation is for the accommodation industry. The national diamond hotel review is led by the Ministry of Commerce and is organized and implemented in accordance with the national standard "Classification and Evaluation of Catering Enterprises". From the aspects of equipment and facilities, service quality, dish quality, management level, maintenance, cleanliness, etc., Catering companies conduct comprehensive evaluation, grading and grading. National-level restaurants are marked by "diamonds" and have 5 levels, among which: "Five Diamonds" are national special-grade restaurants; "Four Diamonds" are national first-class restaurants; "Three Diamonds" are national second-class restaurants; "Two Diamonds" "" is the national third-level restaurant; "Yizuan" is the national fourth-level restaurant.

        The review team strictly followed the "Catering Enterprise Rating and Scoring Rules", reviewed various basic materials, checked the hotel’s hardware and software facilities and equipment on the spot, and reviewed the appearance layout, back kitchen areas, banquet halls, fast food restaurants, staple food processing workshops, and central kitchens. , Food material sorting room, laboratory, product purchase acceptance, certificate request, dish storage and processing samples, supplier related certificates and other links have been inspected and accepted on the spot. After a two-day rigorous review, Jinsheng Hotel finally passed the national four-diamond restaurant review and acceptance with a total score of 1788 points and 98 points for the super four-diamond restaurant. At the appraisal summary meeting, the appraisal team fully affirmed Jinsheng's corporate culture, and highly appreciated the hotel team's unity, forge ahead, and hard work.

        This year, Linyi City has declared a total of 13 hotels for the four-diamond review, of which only 3 have passed. Jinsheng Hotel is currently the first hotel in Linyi City to pass the four-diamond review. We will use this assessment as a new starting point and new motivation, and we will continue to work hard to provide customers with more delicious dishes, better service, and more secure experience! Make unremitting efforts to build the Jinsheng Catering brand and improve the standardization of the catering industry!

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