Jinsheng Peanut Culture Museum grandly opened in autumn
2020-10-5 19:28:41 1

At 9 o'clock in the morning, the opening ceremony officially began. The ceremony was presided over by Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the CPC Junan County Party Committee. Gao Guanyong, chairman and general manager of Jinsheng Group, first delivered a welcome speech, Wang Qiang, chairman of the Peanut Food Branch of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association, delivered a speech on behalf of experts, and Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the county party committee, delivered a speech on behalf of the county party committee and government. In his speech, Gao Guanyong expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders and experts for coming to the opening ceremony, and briefly introduced the basic situation of the Peanut Culture Museum.

Jinsheng Group focuses on the history and culture of peanuts and the whole peanut industry chain, inherits classical craftsmanship and integrates modern technology, and strives to build the Jinsheng Peanut Culture Museum, with a total investment of 50 million yuan and a total construction area of 5,000 square meters. Construction began in August 2018 It is mainly composed of four parts: the preface hall, the peanut culture museum, the peanut craft museum, and the Jinsheng culture museum. It vividly embodies the purpose and concept of promoting protection by gathering, promoting innovation by inheritance, and promoting the development of peanut culture by research. The functions of collection, study tours, popular science, leisure, etc., especially provide a learning platform for young people to popularize natural science and humanities knowledge and cultivate craftsmanship. Jinsheng will continue to work hard to build the Peanut Culture Museum into a well-known domestic science education base, research and study tour base, cultural tourism base and red education base, in order to inherit and promote the national excellent culture, expand and strengthen the peanut industry, and make new Greater contribution.

In his speech, Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the county party committee, fully affirmed the achievements of Jinsheng's peanut culture. Junan County has a long history of planting peanuts and has obvious geographical advantages. It is known as the "Hometown of Peanuts in China". As the largest and most comprehensive peanut culture museum in China, the Jinsheng Peanut Culture Museum has established a high-quality development for the peanut economy. The label of "culture" and the imprint of "technology" will surely make "Junan Peanuts" famous all over the country. He hopes that Jinsheng Group will continue to work hard to make the peanut industry bigger and stronger, and bring more "peanut practices" to create the "Qilu model and Junan good example" for rural revitalization.


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