[Linyi News] Report on Jinsheng Group’s promotion of advanced customs AEO certification
2020-10-26 13:23:47 1

  Linyi Customs has deepened the reform of “delegating control, delegating control to service”, carrying out “tailor-made” credit incubation work based on the characteristics of the industry, establishing an information communication and sharing mechanism, making customs clearance more convenient and efficient for enterprises, and striving to build a safe and honest import and export business environment.

  From January to September this year, the import and export volume of 600 million yuan allowed Jinsheng Group to hand over a beautiful foreign trade report. The company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating oil and peanuts, foreign trade import and export, and ecological agriculture. Group companies have a high degree of dependence on foreign trade, and they are eager to become AEO certified companies recognized by the International Customs Organization as soon as possible.



  Zhang Xin, Chief of Enterprise Management Section of Linyi Customs: How is the preparation of our company's customs system? To what extent is it integrated with the company's ERP system?

  Mu Fengxia, Manager of the Foreign Trade Department of Jinsheng Group: In the ERP system, in accordance with the requirements of advanced certification standards, after two months of comprehensive inspection and comparison in the early stage, an agreement has been signed with the ERP company, including finance, production, purchase and sales, etc. On the one hand, in view of our current situation, give us a customized version of ERP.

  The AEO advanced certification company mentioned by Mu Fengxia has a great promotion effect on the import and export business of the company. Advanced certification companies can enjoy lowering the average inspection rate of import and export goods, giving priority to customs clearance procedures for import and export goods, and reducing the audit of enterprises. A package of preferential measures including the frequency of inspections. At the same time, in the process of applying for AEO advanced certification qualifications, companies not only need to improve their own management efficiency and optimize management processes. This high-standard and high-credit management effect also penetrates all levels of the company.

  Mu Fengxia Manager of Foreign Trade Department of Jinsheng Group:

  When advancing the AEO advanced certification system, we also invested more than 3 million yuan to upgrade the information system. After the upgrade of the information system, including business risks, financial risks and internal security, it has a good control and prevention role. It will reduce the inspection rate and improve the efficiency of our import and export customs clearance. At the same time, there is great convenience in customs clearance between AEO mutual recognition countries.

  At the same time, the customs department has also deepened the "two-step declaration" customs clearance model. After the company has released the transit order, the company can make the first summary declaration. After the transit goods arrive for shipment, the goods can be lifted out of the destination after the customs agrees. Supervise the place and complete the second complete declaration within 14 days from the date the goods arrive at the customs at the destination.


  Sponsored by Bloomberg, Linyi Customs Enterprise Management Division:

  After becoming a high-level certified enterprise, the enterprise will be exempted from the letter of guarantee or tariff guarantee insurance after the company's credit and risk review by Qingdao Customs, and the company's record number will be registered as the letter of guarantee number, which can reduce the pressure on the company's funds and improve the efficiency of the company's capital turnover.

  Enterprises strictly control the quality and quality of products internally. Only with solid "internal strength" can they have enough confidence to apply for becoming an AEO advanced certification enterprise. At present, the company has 54 national patents, including 37 invention patents. It has established ten provincial-level or above R&D platforms, including the National Peanut Processing Technology R&D Center and the National Postdoctoral Research Station. New integrated development models such as smart factories.


  Sun Qincai, Manager of Quality Control Department of Jinsheng Group:

  We have a full range of product traceability, from the purchase of raw materials, the storage of raw materials and the processing of products to the factory sales, a whole process traceability, to achieve the traceability of the product source, the flow direction can be inquired, the risk can be prevented and controlled, and the responsibility can be investigated. Food safety bottom line.

  Prioritize customs clearance, reduce inspections, joint incentives, and exclusive guarantees. In addition to the convenience measures provided by the customs, AEO advanced certified enterprises can also enjoy 49 joint incentive measures provided by 40 ministries and commissions covering financing, taxation, bidding, land and other aspects. At present, there are 5 high-level certification companies in the Linyi Customs area. This year, we will strive to achieve the "zero" breakthrough of high-level food certification companies in the jurisdiction, strengthen more import and export food companies to join the ranks of AEO certification, guide companies to upgrade credit ratings, and enhance corporate development vitality .


  Zhang Xin, Chief of the Enterprise Management Section of Linyi Customs: Provide tailor-made and “one-to-one” assistance to leading enterprises in the jurisdiction, including cultivating and guiding work, gradually standardize the internal management of the enterprise, and improve the credit level by level , To allow enterprises to meet the requirements of advanced certification standards, to allow enterprises to enjoy customs clearance facilitation within the system of mutual recognition of customs in the world, to further improve the speed of customs clearance, to further optimize the business environment of our city’s foreign trade to achieve stability Foreign trade and development work.


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