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Group company department contact information

Administration and HR department  Tel: 0539-7280388

Information and Publicity Department  Tel: 0539-7281781

Enterprise management department  Tel: 0539-7212002

Finance Department  Tel: 0539-7273566

R & D Center  Tel: 0539-7229388

Logistics and security department   Tel: 0539-7220018

Jinsheng Peanut Demonstration Park   Tel: 0539-7280388

Shandong Jinsheng Cereals&Oils Foods Co., Ltd   Tel: 0539-7287288

Jinsheng Food marketing Co., Ltd   Tel: 0539-7272666

Junan Jinsheng import and Export Co., Ltd   Tel: 0539-7272777

Shandong Jinsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd   Tel: 0539-7911166

Shandong Jinsheng Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd  Tel: 0539-7283000

Shandong Jinfeng Logistics Co., Ltd   Tel: 0539-7689066

Shandong Jinfeng Cereals&Oils Food Co.,Ltd  Tel: 7911177

Shandong Jinfu Cereals & Oils Foods Co.,Ltd  Tel: 0539-7281799

Shandong Huasheng Inspection and Testing Technology Co.,Ltd  Tel: 0539-7229388

Shandong Jinsheng Catering Services Co.,Ltd   Tel: 0539-7233808

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