Shandong Jinsheng Catering Service Co., Ltd.

Shandong Jinsheng Catering Service Co., Ltd. (Jinsheng Hotel), subordinate to Jinsheng Group, was established in 1989 and covers an area of 20000 square meters. After 30 years of development, it has become a diversified catering company with one subsidiary (Jinhui catering), three direct chain stores, three direct sales stores and one property Center. In December 2018, it was officially rated as "national Four Diamond Restaurant" by the Ministry of Commerce.

  The chain stores are equipped with comprehensive catering, guest rooms, meetings, entertainment and other items. The catering facilities include luxury single rooms, standard single rooms, large banquet halls, fast food restaurants, etc., which can accommodate nearly 2000 people at the same time. The guest rooms have 150 high-end luxury suites, luxury standard rooms and business standard rooms. The multi-functional meeting room can accommodate more than 300 people.

  Established in July 2015, Jinhui catering company mainly provides food material distribution and canteen hosting services for its chain stores, catering hotels, enterprise, government and school canteens. It has two integrated production workshops and a quick inspection laboratory. The central kitchen can produce all kinds of stewed meat products in large quantities; the advanced automatic pasta production line and porridge filling production line in the staple food processing workshop can batch produce more than 20 kinds of pasta and porridge, and the output of steamed stuffed bun can reach 2800 pieces / hour, The porridge cup packaging can reach 3200 cups / hour; the rapid detection laboratory can quickly and accurately detect  the Escherichia coli , pesticide residues, formaldehyde, nitrite and other harmful substances.

  Jinsheng catering company adheres to the reform and innovation, keeps pace with the times, takes the road of brand management and scale operation, and always follows the management concept of "food safety is gold, service leads to success", which is highly praised and recognized by the industry and the public. It has won the provincial level successively "Youth civilization", "food safety integrity unit", "women civilization demonstration post", "advanced work unit of food circulation", "famous restaurants in Shandong", "famous traditional restaurants in Linyi City", and "advanced unit of business circulation" and other honorary titles.

  With the rapid development of market economy and catering tourism, the company will continue to research and develop health preservation, medicated food and special dishes. Relying on the advantages of Jinhui catering company in primary processing of food raw materials, it will gradually build a marketing distribution network to realize one-stop service of catering industry, canteen industry, community supermarket, storage, transportation and distribution. Through cooperation, franchise, leasing, merger and other ways to build catering, tourism, vacation, leisure, entertainment.The happy manor, which is integrated into one, realizes the golden win of catering tourism in the group's double seven strategic planning.

  Jinsheng catering company adheres to the service tenet of "welcoming customers from all over the world and you will be satisfied in Jinsheng", and wholeheartedly creates satisfactory, warm and comfortable service experience for customers!

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