Shandong Jinsheng Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Shandong Jinsheng Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., affiliated to Jinsheng Group, was established in October 2019. It is an important extension of Jinsheng Group to realize the conversion of new and old kinetic energy.

The company mainly relies on the Jinsheng Peanut Science and Technology Industrial Park and related supporting facilities projects, with the theme of "peanuts", focusing on the development of a new model of experiential "industrial tourism + agricultural eco-tourism", creating ecological agriculture, peanut culture museum, e-commerce logistics, The modern industrial tourist attractions of R&D, testing and food industry "five in one" fully demonstrate the essence of traditional peanut culture and the charm of modern industrial technology. Among them, the Peanut Culture Museum is the only museum in China with a peanut theme, with a total construction area of 5,000 square meters. Preparations began in early 2018. It will be fully completed and opened in October 2020. It consists of the preface hall, peanut culture museum, peanut craft museum, and Jinsheng culture museum. It consists of four plates. The whole museum focuses on the global origin, development, processing and utilization of peanuts, its impact on human civilization, and its achievements in corporate culture and people’s livelihood. With the help of high-tech methods such as sound and light, various types of display atmospheres are created to inherit and promote innovation. Develop so that it can play its due social propaganda and knowledge popularization value. Jinsheng Peanut Culture Museum is not only an important cultural facility, but also a base for disseminating craftsmanship, history and scientific knowledge to the public and young people. It is an ideal place for mass cultural leisure and research trips.

The company can also provide services such as group scattered tourism, conference and exhibition event reception, business inspection, cultural exchanges, etc., and strive to build the brand image of Jinsheng Cultural Tourism, and promote the overall development of the tourism industry in Junan.

"Hospitable Jinsheng people, good products made by Jinsheng", Jinsheng Cultural Tourism Company is looking forward to your visit!

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